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May 2, 2016

posted May 2, 2016, 5:43 PM by BVPC WebAdmin


The greening of Jefferson has begun, and they are stocking the Rockaway with fish! This means that the season has truly changed and we are on our way to the great weather of late spring and beautiful summer.                                              There is something about this kind of change that I really enjoy. It is gradual and beautiful. Maybe it is the “gradualness” that I appreciate.

God often works in our lives very gradually. As a person who doesn’t like surprises, I can appreciate that pace of work. Even in the worst times of my life, gradually moving through pain, and into a better situation, helped by it slowness. 

However, when we are waiting for test results or health or someone to come home or food, delayed gratification is very difficult. Yet, when the results or the event does happen we are full of joy.

We are still in the time of Eastertide. We have Jesus dwelling with us. He is about to promise to his disciples- a comforter. This comforter is known to Christians as the Holy Spirit. And we are waiting….waiting…waiting.

So as you wait, enjoy the change in the creation around you. Smell the cleansing rain, fish in the river, walk the dog, listen to the joy of children playing  outside and praise God for all his goodness.