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posted Apr 15, 2016, 2:18 PM by BVPC WebAdmin


Sometimes loss seems to be stalking us. When we lose money, we feel poor. When we lose status, we feel useless. When we lose a friendship, we feel lonely. When we lose someone who is close; friend, relative, spouse, child, to death- the emotions are too much to bear.

There is no easy way to pour love and kindness on these feelings. One has to go through them. I was going to say “simply go through them“ but there is nothing simple about loss. 

The disciples lost Jesus at the crucifixion, gained him once again on the road to Emmaus, in an upper room, at the shore by the Sea of Galilee. Then, in another bold move by God, they lost Jesus again at the Ascension. By now, they must have known that he would be always with them.

Our experience is not the same. Loss not only stalks our every move, it overwhelms us. We do not like to speak about death but rarely do we speak about eternal life.  I want to always remember that eternal life is what we pray and hope for daily.

I do wish there were easy answers for all our mourning. We know that is not so. However, speaking, praying, sharing and gathering together will help ease the pain and loss. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you can bring something to the conversation. The promise is that “whenever two or three are gathered together, I AM with you.” 

Happy Birthday, Paul.