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Holy Week

posted Mar 21, 2016, 12:16 PM by BVPC WebAdmin   [ updated Mar 21, 2016, 12:18 PM ]

            *   Holy Week? Home or away…

Here we are the day after Palm Sunday. As Christians we experience Holy Week through all the different traditions. Scriptures say that Jesus entered Jerusalem to spend the Passover feast with his disciples. This year our  Jewish friends celebrate Passover in April. The calendar does not always work together through the traditions.

If we consult the Synoptic gospels, we find that Jesus, through what we call Holy Week, was in the temple, still teaching. He healed the sick and wandered the streets of the city that week. We continue with our usual tasks this week as well.

When I was growing up we looked forward to vacation the week after Easter. Maundy Thursday was “spring vacation eve” for us. That really did make Easter special. Now school calendars don’t reflect our holy days in the same way. Many folks travel this week because school is out. With Easter early this year, the school vacations tend to be later.

Where are you this week? Is your faith at home or on vacation? Think about it.

This week we will gather at the Christian Education building on Thursday to eat together- a great pot-luck meal. We will do a simple Seder meal and communion, remembering Jesus’ time with his disciples in the upper room. Friday we will participate in a Tenebrae service in the sanctuary. Come and join us!