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Holy Saturday

posted Mar 26, 2016, 6:16 AM by BVPC WebAdmin

What an odd day in the Christian calendar! We call it Holy Saturday to make it different from any other Saturday. We go along with our daily routines, having been in church for two days previous to today.

Many Christians gather for an Easter Vigil on this Saturday evening. The tradition is to wait until it is dark, then to light a fire just outside the meeting (church, perhaps). Friends gather at the fire and are handed a small candle to carry through the night.

The Pascal Candle is lighted from the new fire. The evening begins. There is a service of scripture readings taken from the Old Testament as the events of God’s people and God’s continued saving grace is spoken out loud for all to hear.

The tone changes as responses are sung and the mood lifts. Night is slowly fleeing. Now the readings move to the New Testament and the Gospels. A sermon or homily follows. 

Tradition takes over as persons seeking baptism are baptized and welcomed into the fellowship of the Christian community. The entire group reaffirms their baptismal vows at this point. 

Communion (the Eucharist) is celebrated and it is Easter morning. Though usually still dark, it is morning, and joy intervenes. 

Sometimes I believe getting back to our roots (Scripture and traditions) help us to better understand who we are as faithful people. Think about it.