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posted Mar 18, 2016, 6:37 PM by BVPC WebAdmin   [ updated Mar 18, 2016, 6:57 PM ]

In the Interim

 It is a New Year and already January is speeding past us. What a wonderful celebration we  had over the Advent and Christmas season. I am so thankful for all the help we received.  Volunteers for worship, our dinner, our PW Christmas card for Habitat homes. All these made  the celebration very precious.

 Thank you for a most generous Christmas gift. What an expression of confidence and caring.  You are a most unique and loving congregation.

 As all of you know by now, the Pulpit Nominating Committee (PNC) is working hard on the  position description for the new minister. It is called the Ministry Information Form (MIF).  Newton Presbytery representatives have met with our PNC and the Oak Ridge PNC this  month. The work of the PNC is confidential, however, they will report on their progress from  time to time. This will happen at announcement time in worship and at any special meetings  we might have this year.

 The Annual Meeting of the Congregation and Corporation will take place on January 31st.  Please make every effort to be present. We hope to present the nominees for church officers  at that time. Plus, in great BVPC fashion, lunch will be delicious, I know.

 What are some of the plans for 2016?                                                                


·      Confirmation Class

·      PNC continues meeting and working

·      Send Youth to Triennium

·      Explore new method of Nominating Church Officers

·      Complete the Operations Manual

·      Web site renovation

·      VBS (pairing with local churches and Johnsonburg)

·      Boy Scout and Girl Scout involvement in church

·      Gifts of Women

·      Expand Bible and book study options

·      Tailgate

·       All things we already do well continued through the year

   In addition I want to add a note about something our deacons are currently working on for us.  They are creating a sheet that has personal emergency numbers on it- for people who are      interested. For example, I live alone and if something happened to me in church and I could  not talk, who would you call for me? It would help if someone had the contact information for  my parents, my sisters or my son. We do not have this. So, to be caring and helpful we are  pulling this together as a church family. Help our deacons care for you!

 The Session, at their January meeting, took a good look at finances and how we might look to  the future as we share a minister. We are learning more about those finances.

 The CHURCH of Jesus Christ in 2016, wherever it might be located, has many challenges.  God’s kingdom is a promise that we need to live out. This journey of faith is a gift to each of  us.

 Friends, please continue to listen for the still, small voice of God as you enter this New Year  2016.

 Alleluia, amen.

 Pastor Karen