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posted Mar 28, 2016, 6:22 AM by BVPC WebAdmin


Why Do You Seek?

One of the biggest frustrations of my life as I get older is the seeking. Seeking for ideas, seeking the right directions, seeking things I have misplaced. How many of us have moved from room to room trying to remember what we got up to find in the next room, only to turn around and not remember until we reached the place we started. We keep moving so we can find what we need.

The women come to the tomb to complete a job, a caring ministry on Easter morning. The women have come to the tomb looking to prepare Jesus’ body with the spices that are traditional to the Jews at the time. They are introduced to us later, after they have seen the men in white and been asked, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?”

Yes, they are frightened yet they go and tell the disciples – they move. They need to share their experience.

And they are not believed. However the scripture lists their names and those names are recognized by us since they are followers of Jesus. We follow their story.

Then the scripture tells us that even after believing the women to have spoken “nonsense,” Peter gets up and goes to the tomb. He has had a difficult three days. He is trying to process, in his mind and heart, everything that has happened in Jerusalem.  He moves, he seeks, he finds the story the women shared to be truthful.

He moves. Peter moved. Peter went seeking. He went to the tomb. He needed to see for himself.  When he left the tomb, the Bible says that “he was amazed.” So what happened next?

Hope was born in the darkest place.

Seek, find, tell and know that you are reborn this Eastertide.